Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wells Lyrics


Photo Tactics

In an unsuspected fire
I have thrown myself into
As sent the shivers up my spine
I turn to frame the view

Of what I’ve decided
This trip home to entail
Of what I’ve invited
It to entail

So fill your pockets
Lace your shoes
But keep your feet tied to the ground
My calloused fingers
Pay their dues
By plucking strings to make sound

And now I’m so excited
For what we have going on
And yeah I’m so excited
For what we have…

But tonight we’re right on time
It’s the way that we survive
This is why the camera lies
Because tonight we’re right on time.


There’s a lesson
To be learned here
In a level-headed fault line
We must begin to steer your glance
In a way to shift the wind home
In a way to keep your eyes closed tight around
The vision of the sum
Of my punctuated tongue
And what keeps the blame
from falling on
or anyone

Now should I suppose you’re let down?
This way the section’s fed the right sound
And by the second/third damn course you fade
To lay beneath them.

We’re getting old
So much enough to
Comprehend the words
“It’s wrong.”
Yet we pass the blame
And wander on
To anything
And anyone

We’re getting old
We’re getting old enough
We’re getting old enough to know
It’s wrong

Big Net, No Fish

Well it’s all right, alright(?)
When conversation becomes
Blind sutures leading the blind
But it’s how I feel
And I close the door

Well it’s alright, We’re all right
When time is on our side
And we’ll resonate our suffering
With a hand shake
But I saw in, I saw in
The other day
It’s turned to wry

But you’re eyes,
They’re terrifying
You terrify me
You’re dead to rights…

Grab hold
You’re terrifying

Well I guess it’s safe
to say we’ll part ways
When the road splits
When the rope splits
we’ll say our goodbyes

But I know you’re right

A Few Minutes at Rehearsal Dinner

When you fear
For lasting ever
Things sent to me
In one sweet hour
You might find
So lonely

But interaction at this symmetry
The angles divide

It’s slow learning me
Enticing every aspect
It left under me
Enticing, enticing

Well it’s shifted
Since the last time
We tried to wait it out
In 8 flat seconds,
You might find
A set we figured out

It’s so slow acting in this sanctity
The angles divide

If another one’s found lifted…

Rear Window Ethics

My name’s on record.
My name fits on your sleeve.

Intent is no different
Than constant apathy
The indicated idea
We discussed a different view
It’s hard to write this refrain
When color hides the hue…

How can you hold the reigns
When solving the problem becomes the leather?

Surely there is more time
For constant gardening
There are so few words worth hearing
I count them on one hand
I’ve been calling on them often
Taking swings at sheets of sand

They’re tasting fireflies…

Now can you take the blame?

Thank God She’s Pretty

I’ve seen you
On my way
Smoking frigid air before
And I can’t help but think I could dictate
The temperature
And what you’re trying to say
My grip is slipping
When cold words begin to fade

But could you catch me where I stand?
An overrated circumstance
(whatever happens shouldn’t happen)
And I’ll try my best to make amends
When conversation leads
Distress dressed to impress

And she carving
on my neck
writing color canvas in
results that birth from studying car wrecks
But what you insert
And what you put on display
Cold tongues while dripping

But could you?
And I swear I’ll make amends

Clint P. Ellsworth

Such an appetite!
You follow and keep step
The words have to sink in
But we’ll be alright
I thought it could change me
Compositions change me

And we shoot real straight
When blending the colors
We paint on another
But we can’t put a price
On each other

I smell sulfur
I taste it on you
What’s that salt for?
I taste it.


There is a distance between
What is post and what is pre
And if we smile big
We’ll be left to file it
In what we play,
the words we say,
and mistakes that we’ve made.

(Replace, replace)
Go back on what you knew tonight
(Replace, Replace)
I can’t believe this

And so we play these games
In which we take, take, take, take, take,
And the only thing that we understand
Is what we fake
Suck a breath down
Spit surly words out

You’re more than welcome
To stick around here
But know, they’re out to replace
The defective

Rain, 8th and Pine

It’s suicide for
Measure comes with cost
Hand in hand
Pain and love make their way down the aisle

And I could try
To make it somewhere latter
But when push comes shove
a mouth full of dirt could make it better
but it’s insecure and
featherweight trial and error

In shine we find
some sleek repetition
through division
At least we’ll fall
and at next learn to lessen

It’s suicide for
pleasure comes with ghosts
of the things
we thought we had left behind
But I could try
to make it somewhere better
after all that’s what you had written in that letter
but it’s insecure and
featherweight trial and error

So who is the culprit
When my eyes start to bleed?
When liars wed honestly
When will we know
Just how long it took

To put a bullet through a beautiful mind?

You Met Me At a Very Strange Time In My Life

In time we’ll find our peace of mind
Or this precipice we’re pressing into you
But we fold our hands clear
To keep the insects near
And keep safe
The one thing we have left for taking

We are the silhouettes
of monuments
And we caption
The captain

So what did you intend
In these bitter founded compliments?
Here we breathe in time
With the rhythm of our feet
And keep in
Step with this
Snare shift light we’re in